3D printing

As part of our services we provide 3D printing services. In order to provide highest quality products to you we use Flashforge 3D printers and Aurarum 3D printer filament. When a large build volume is required we use the ideaPrinter 3D printer. Highest quality 3D printer suppliers guaranties only the highest quality prints.

3D printing is very similar process as the CNC machining. Because all of us are tinkerers at heart to improve one stop shop experience we offer aluminium extrusions that will allow you to build your dream machine, be it CNC, router or your own design 3d printer. All our aluminium extrusions are of the highest quality T-slot profiles. We stock most of the popular sizes and if we don’t we can get them in next to no time. Our aluminium extrusions range from small System 20 (20 x 20) profiles that you most definitely would use to build your printer to a massive 100 x 100 T-slot profiles.

When using T-slot aluminium extrusions the project will not go well without accessories. To make sure that you don’t need to shop around and could get all your required bits and pieces in one place we carry various accessories that will compliment your aluminium extrusions. The range of the accessories is from a System 20 (20 x 20) T-nut to the System 80 right angle brackets. Among the accessories you will find hinges, brackets, T-nuts, Sliding nuts and more. We stock a lot of aluminium extrusion sizes in Melbourne.

And don’t forget – if you can’t find something – just ask. If it is not in stock we can get it – we are sure about it.

Also we are happy to provide advice and give you a hand when and if we can.