At Aurarum we believe in open source, thus the only printers that we offer are open source and thus they don’t use expensive cartridge 3D printer filament. The brands that we sell are Flashforge and Raise 3D (former ideaPrinter)

Flashforge 3D printers include Creator Pro and Dreamer. Those two Flashforge 3D printers offer highest print quality. The brand is yet to grow in Australia, but it is well known around the world and especially in USA. The printers offer high resolution and print speed. The enclosed bodies increase the control of the environment and improves print quality even further. Both of the models are dual extruder printers that allow either dual colour or dual material printing. Well designed and quality built extruders allow usage of all kind 3D printer filament – ranging from TPE (rubber) all the way to Nylon. These printers are not designed to print polycarbonate. Both models use 1.75mm 3D printer filament. We always stock these printers and send them to our customers from Melbourne.

ideaPrinter 3D printers are large scale printers with huge build volume and dual extruders. The largest build volume that can be offered is 300 x 200 x 575. ideaPrinter 3D printers offer dual extrusion and ABS and PLA support. The ideaPrinter 3D printers offer layer resolution down to 0.02mm (20 microns) and print speeds up to 300mm/s. The printer controls allow you to change the print speed, temp and feed rate on the go without going back into the slicing software. All the technical capabilities are supplement with excellent ideaMaker software developed by ideaPrinter. These 3D printers use 3mm filament and Bowden extruder. Light print head that moves in X and Y allow large volume prints. Since the bed moves only up and down the large prints will not carry any inertia while printing and thus provides high quality prints.

Don’t settle for a cheap printer that will restrict you to the use of expensive cartridge 3D printer filament. Go for the quality printer that will allow you get only highest quality prints and will allow usage of any 3D printer filament.

Our printers are stocked in our factory in Melbourne. So please come in to have a look if you wish and grab one yourself.